Dennis Neal has worked as an actor for nearly 30 years.

Bringing his tremendous experience to the fold, Dennis has spent many years helping people of all ages hone their craft as actors, writers, and all those who seek to better their abilities at storytelling.

Dennis offers an ongoing weekly class through his theatre company, Riverton Playground Theatre, currently hosted at The Complex, in Hollywood, on Thursday evenings. Please use the contact form to receive further details. You may also visit Riverton Playground Theatre for more information.


Dennis Neal, who created the double role of Louis Armstrong and Joe Glaser in the 2011 premiere of 'Satchmo at the Waldorf,' my first play, is a truly extraordinary stage performer—smart, compelling, dynamic, flexible, a great and generous collaborator, and utterly professional in every imaginable way. To watch him give life to my words was a theatrical experience that I’ll never forget. - Terry Teachout

I wrote a play in 2014 called Man’s Dominion. I’d been a professional writer my entire working life but Man’s Dominion was my first play. Dennis Neal was the first and only choice to direct. Dennis Neal took my play and made it theater. He gave it life and breath and movement. He nursed it and rehearsed it. He made it sing. And all in the service of the the text, the characters, and the story. He took the truth of the story and gave it a capital T truth. A year later, 2015, I’d written my second play, a two-hander about Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers auditioning for a Transformers animated film in 1985. Dennis Neal acted in this one as Scatman Crothers; the part, the character, written expressly for him. Holding the stage with Orson Welles, even holding the stage with and against an actor playing the idea of the film giant we know as Orson Welles is never easy. Dennis gave Scatman life, breath, and movement. He made Scatman sing. And once again, on a nightly basis, Dennis Neal served the text, the character, and most of all the story. Dennis took the truth of Scatman Crothers, the truth of Scatman’s story, and gave it what he always gives – the Truth with a capital T. I have learned to trust Dennis like no other in my professional life. It’s always about the story. It’s always about the truth of that story and about those characters. I’m also very proud to have Dennis Neal as a friend. And that, my friends, is THE TRUTH. - David Castro

Dennis Neal is an incredible acting coach. Without directing or controlling your process, he is able to bring feelings and emotions out of you which make it possible to fully experience the character and make truly organic choices in your work. I've trained with Dennis off and on from the time I started acting, both here in LA and in Florida and believe his teachings to be a big part of why I have been able to consistently work in both. Through studying with him I have seen real growth in my craft, and would suggest to anyone who truly wants to grow as an actor and go deeper than just the words on the page... seek out D. Neal and get to some real work:) -Neil Brown, Jr.

".....working with Dennis is like driving down the road at 100mph in a Ferrari with no hands on the steering wheel! Exciting. But at the same time he finds a subtle way to get you to expose truths from within that you may not have known were there...!" - Tory Kittles

My personal creed is to become a student to only those teachers that can do exactly what they instruct, and Dennis has always been such a mentor. A gifted and intelligent actor, he brings as much to his guidance as he does to the stage and screen. He is ferocious, but gentle. Bold, but humble. Silly, yet wise. He embodies his teachings and provides students with a profound example of a life lived within the arts. Any student that approaches Dennis with an open mind and heart will walk away feeling empowered, nourished, challenged to grow, and eager to succeed (in life and the industry)." - Paul Major

I have had the pleasure of working with Dennis Neal for over 10 years now. At first he was very intimidating and I didn’t know what to expect, but I quickly learned he is the actor’s coach. He nurtures as well as challenges you every step of the way. I like that he doesn’t subscribe to any particular method as no one actor is the same as another. He takes the time to get to know you and what you are about which gives him the information that he needs to coach you specifically with your needs in mind. He makes you feel comfortable and safe which was really important to me because I had a lot of hang ups. He makes the actor really think about what he or she are doing and it instills a set of tools the actor can always access even if he’s not there. I’ve never met anyone like Dennis; he is a rare find as far as coaches go in the acting industry. He is not only a great coach, but a mentor and a friend. - Jamie Wilson

Dennis is an amazing guide for any actor on their journey to growth, self-discovery and self-realization. At the time, having been a working actor for over 15 years, Dennis lead me through the process of further discovering who I was as a person and an actor. He had a style that pried open my heart and spirit, explored my strengths and weaknesses, and challenged me to my breaking point. All of this while standing alongside me as I grew as actor and realized my abilities and potential. Dennis helped me get to the next level. Thank you! -Jennifer Pena

I've worked with Dennis for over twelve years and must say that he has truly given me a space to play. He has guided me on my story telling journey and made me realize blocks within my work and we found ways to overcome those together. Dennis helped me prepare for my audition into Circle in the Square in NYC, he encouraged me to find the depths of what I was saying, to push myself to the edge. He is one of the most supportive people I have ever worked with. Dennis will only expect from you what he expects from himself, and that is your best. I would recommend Dennis to anyone looking to grow as an actor". - Jody Anderson



About Dennis

Dennis Neal has spent the past 28 years acting, coaching, and directing. He is a founding member of one of Florida's premier theatre companies, Mad Cow.

Dennis originated the dual-role of Louis Armstrong / Joe Glazer in 'Satchmo at The Waldorf' by Terry Teachout.

Dennis teaches and produces independently through Riverton Playground Theatre.










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